Repair Your Credit with a just a few Mouse-Clicks!

Emotionally, you will be drained and exhausted when you use other software. The reason is that you need to enter each dispute manually, view it, write it, feel it… then you need to select each letter and description appropriate for a particular derogatory.

So, for most people, it is very difficult to deal with their own issues and abandon the process for painful, tedious, and time-consuming.

On the other hand, with the Personal Credit Repair Software, you enter all derogatory items easily in seconds not hours and the letters to use will be selected automatically. Therefore your personal involvement is reduced to a minimum.

FIRST, we provide you with The Personal Credit Repair Software, a Special Web-Based-In-The-Cloud software program. It greatly streamlines the process of repairing your credit by making it a point-and-click breeze. The Personal Credit Repair Software is designed to save your data so you do not have to retype it again and again, (you can have up to 3 users), and then merge and print all required letters to completely clean up your credit. Even bankruptcies are candidates for deletion and we will show you how.

SECOND, we provide you with a set of powerful tools to get you back-on-your-feet FAST! These tools help you get credit cards, loans, mortgages, leases, etc.; also, reports on how to make lots of money from your own kitchen table!

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What The Personal Credit Software is NOT

It is NOT a poorly-written manual in PDF format.

It is NOT an exhaustive and complicated e-book that requires you to learn, process, and then retype everything.

It is NOT a partial solution to repair your credit but comprehensive software with an integrated set of tools that will make even a pleasant experience of an otherwise tedious and complicated endeavor.

Your new battle plan with The DIY Personal Credit Repair Software will handle all information for you, your family, and, why not, your brother-in-law.


Bankruptcy Solution

Here is the solution if you have filed for bankruptcy, have any foreclosures, late payments, repo’s, or other negative information on your credit report.

You do NOT want to wait seven or ten years to remove negative information from the Credit Bureaus. Now you won’t! The Law gives you the right to correct any kind of erros in your Credit Report even Bankruptcies. Would you like to start over… a second chance? Do you dream about a new house, a nice car or simply a loan to finance your next-to-be-millionaire venture? Turn your dreams into reality! Act now risk Free!

It takes the same effort to make $24,000 as it does to make $250,000 a year or more! The credit-challenged person pays more for everything and gets excluded from many business opportunities because of bad credit. Get out of that stigmatized group once and for all.

Here’s What You Can Learn

  • How to instantly add years of good credit to your credit report.
  • How to stop collection agencies dead-in-their-tracks! Stop their phone calls and listen to them beg you to sit down with them, on your terms.
  • Tricks-of-the-trade to help you boost your credit score almost without effort.
  • How to get a new car, your dream house or a signature loan in spite of your terrible please-don’t-look-at-my credit report.
  • Learn how to boost your credit score up to 100 points fast!.

The Best, Fastest and Easiest

Since our Personal Credit Repair Software is based in our professional version, Credit Money Machine Net, the industry-standard used only by professional credit repair companies the results as far superior to any to any other software.

The Personal Credit Repair Software is the pinnacle of the many other do-it-yourself techniques.

Your one-time cost of a few dollars will more than offset the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you will save by getting better loan rates, the house of you dreams a car etc.

When time is a critical factor you can’t beat doing it yourself.

Can you imagine anyone who cares more about your credit than you? You are extremely motivated to do it and do it fast! You do NOT want to wait months for results, you want results Now!


Remember The Personal Credit Repair Software is a SOFTWARE so if you know how to click on a mouse you will know how to use it.

Knowledge is Power!

Because of that we are going to give you for FREE, AT NO COST, NADA several courses that complements your complete knowledge about the whole credit repair process and other related matter (see bonus section)

These are the 5 useful reports you will receive

  • Credit Repair Strategies Revealed
  • How To Buy A Car With Little Or No Credit
  • Credit Cards The Lowdown
  • 101 Powerful Tips for Legally Improving Your Credit Score
  • The Path to Financial Freedom

Shocking Secrets Exposed!!

This are the secrets that Credit Bureaus don’t want you to know. Remember they work for FREE for you and they more you know the more they work for you and they don’t like that but I am sure you do.

The DIY Personal Credit Software gives you everything, nothing is held back, the most shocking information is disclosed to satisfy your curiosity.

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Regular price $399.97

Limited Time Offer: $199.97

Remember, you will receive The Personal Credit Software AND 5 Free Bonus Items

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